Why She Quit Medical School || #FindingYourWhy || Black Girl, White Coat

16 Apr 2017 21:47 51
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What is your why? Why are you pursuing the career field/path that you are right now? Do you really want to be a physician for the right reasons? How do you find your "why"?

Those are just a few questions that I'd like to have more people thinking about as we get older and get closer to our dreams/ultimate goals/professional careers. If the feedback on this topic is good, I will continue with this series, but you all must let me know that you want to see more!

Hope you all enjoyed this vlog featuring my good friend, Catherine! If I could motivate and inspire at least 1 student out there, then I'd feel like I've done a good job.

Let me know what you think pretty please! Thank you for the support and love as always :)

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