The Other Side of Paradise // Bluestar PMV

02 Jun 2017 01:47 1,318
9,224 49

*small eye strain warning at some parts in the video!*
it seems that this is blocked on most mobile devices :c if you watch it on a computer it should be fine, so please attempt to do so before commenting !

heyhoheyeheyheyeheY IIIVE been super excited to post this for the past several months ! im extremely pleased with the outcome, and i hope you all like it :0

characters are from the warrior's novels !
im not quite sure what to put in the description at this point, so i might add some more stuff later, but thank you all so much for supporting me. ive been on a kinda unannounced hiatus for the past few months, mostly due to school. ill definitely have a lot of map parts and other related projects to show you in the summer !

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