Cool NEW Eastwood Tools That Also Make Nice Gifts!

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Get a TIG Welder: Get a Digital TIG:

The Eastwood 200 Amp Digital TIG welder has all the features of a professional machine but at a fraction of the price.

Manual Arc (Stick) – DC Positive/Negative with Hot Start and Arc Force control to prevent rod stick and superior arc control.
DC TIG – Weld Steel and Stainless Steel
DC TIG/Pulse – Minimize warpage and prevent blow through on thin Steel and Stainless Steel - SEE VIDEO
AC TIG – Weld Aluminum with ease
AC TIG/Pulse - Minimize warpage and prevent blow through on thin Aluminum - SEE VIDEO
AC TIG/MIX – Achieve greater penetration on thick material, while having a more stable arc profile for thinner metals.
TIG/Spot – Precisely time welds for repeatable production
2T/4T – 2 touch and 4 touch finger control used for amperage control without a foot pedal - SEE VIDEO
AC Frequency Control – Fine tune the arc cone width for precise aluminum welding.
Programmable settings – 5 Factory Presets and 15 customizable preset to quickly change between your favorite settings.
Flex Head 17 Torch – Adjust your torch head to the perfect torch angle in hard to reach places.
Gas Flow Meter – Precise gas flow adjustment
Rocker Style Foot Pedal – Infinite amperage adjustment without leg fatigue
Square Wave IGBT Inverter – Power source enables welding of materials from Aluminum to Steel
This machine features AC and DC TIG welding, Pulse, 2T/4T, AC Frequency Control, Spot Timer, and ARC (Stick) welding. The welder comes with a Flex Head 17 torch, Gas Flow Meter, Rocker Style Foot Pedal, Gas Hose and all consumables needed to get started.
In this Live broadcast, Randy shows off some new Eastwood tools that make great gifts, plus answers questions and even demos a few of them.

Digital TIG 200 AC/DC, Fluid Extractor, pancake Compressor, Perfect Panel Prep Tool for nice, strong welds in sheet metal, electric metal shear, welding table and more.

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