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Another amazing cover from the Teen Spirits of OMF! Created in the mayhem and chaos of filming and recording 12 songs in one day, for about 20 hours! Seriously, if the pizza had run out, there would have been a riot.

THE BAND: So, a drummer from California, singer/guitarist from Iowa, bassist from Ohio, and rhythm guitarist from Missouri walk into a bar… ok, not a bar, cuz they’re all underage, but you get the drift…·        
Vocals, Lead Guitar: Tyler Halverson (Age 15)·Instagram: @tyhalverson        
Drums: Justin Laroche (age 15).·        
Rhythm Guitar: SamRuether (age 13). IG, FB: @samrguitar / ·        
Bass: Noah Williams (age 14)


This song and video was raucously produced by The O'Keefe Music Foundation (OMF): OMF is a non-profit music organization with a mission to help talented young musicians record and film their performances for FREE. Why? Because art gives voice to our dreams – and live music performance is becoming a dying art. You can read more about us on our website,view other great vids, and even apply to be an OMF rockstar! You can also buy some cool merch, or support us in recording more great songs and videos in the future.  Please let us know your thoughts below. Any great songs you think our students should cover? No, Chad K. from Canada, no Nickelback – stop, just stop! Oh, and a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE would be greatly appreciated!  

Cinematographer& Dude of Supreme Awesomeness: Shawn Hudgins.·
Video Editor and Occasional Six-String Hero: Eli Dykstra.·
Director &Audio Engineer: Aaron O'Keefe·            
Mixing Engineer: JeffroLackscheide.·        
Engineer of Mayhem& Destruction: Jason Smith·        
Camerawoman &Voice of Reason: Jess Smith·        
Executive Producer: Steve White·       
Production Assistant: Trevor Wheeler·        
Assistant Engineer: Elijah Roberts·        
Engineer: Morgan Asher.·        
Cameraman: ShawnSteele 


The Cool Moms: Misty Massey, Monique Campbell, Kristi Williams·        
Mr. Lee and Javi Cuadrado for donated the recording equipment that made this video possible.·        
Steve White for his continued generosity.
Khalid, Jenny, Lauren and Brad for all their hard work in promoting OMF!

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