Chocolate tree stump cake decorating tutorial - with NO fondant, NO moulds, NO special tools

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PAID Chocolate tree stump cake tutorial - half price for a limited time.



Learn how to make this real chocolate tree bark effect for the outside of your own chocolate tree stump cake, using no fondant icing, no moulds and no special tools!  Our premium video tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily make your own tree bark out of melted chocolate, and apply it to the surface of your prepared cake, to make a beautiful and realistic looking chocolate tree stump cake.  Because no special moulds are required, you can decorate a double-barrel cake or a single tier with exactly the same technique - any size of cake at all with no unsightly joins - in a few easy steps!

Here are some features of our Chocolate Tree Stump Cake online class:

Teaches you how to create real chocolate tree bark for use on cakes, cookies or other desserts
Uses only standard household items, no special moulds or tools to be purchased
Uses no fondant icing or sugarpaste - only real melted chocolate
The same technique can be used to cover any size or height of cake without any obvious joins or seams
Clear tutorial video including written instructions on screen in English
Simple technique to create panels of bark that can cover a large area at once
Approximate time taken to cover an 8" tier using this method is only 30 minutes*(dependent on experience)
Approximate amount of chocolate needed - 900g for an 8" diameter cake, 4" high* (dependent on bark thickness made.  Spare chocolate can be stored and re-used).

*Please note, some baking experience is recommended before attempting this tutorial, as it does not include directions for baking and icing the cake before applying bark.

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