25 Family Guy Quagmire Moments That Went Too Far

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Family Guy has its share of outrageous characters, but Glenn Quagmire has got to be the craziest of them all! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Let’s face it -- if you met Glenn Quagmire in real life, the guy would be known as the creep of the neighborhood, likely sentenced to multiple years in jail, and not the type of person ANYONE would want to associate with. But on Family Guy, his predatory nature, addiction to love making under and above the sheets, and twisted ways are all played off for laughs. But has the Family Guy mainstay pushed things too far over the years?! Absolutely! And now it’s time to put them all together in a compilation that will probably have you wanting a shower by the time it’s over. Giggity, giggty, goo!

Watch to see some of these craziest moments, inclduing his invasion of Meg, the multiple times he tried to hit on Lois, and the way he broke up Cleveland’s marriage! He not only has pushed the limits in the bedroom, but he has done some pretty other awful crimes as well. And you cannot forget about the various things he’s done with corpses! Watch to see these crazy moments and some that were CUT from TV.

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