Super technology in everyday life! Documentary 2017

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Latest modern technological novelties. Documentary 2017
Super technology in everyday life!
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Megaprojects of the future world
What will the world look like in the next 30 years? The fascinating new documentary "Megaprojects of the Future World" is looking for answers, as it is considering eight ambitious initiatives that can forever change societies around the world.Super Technologies

Bye Bye Car
America's love for the car is weakening. The younger generations no longer form attachments to traditional cars. The automotive industry is beginning to recognize this trend, and their leaders are desperately trying to find external solutions to remain viable. Bye Bye The car travels across the United States and the Netherlands to explore the root causes of this decline in interest and the opportunities for rethinking transportation.

Smart cities in the world: San Diego

Clever urban planning has turned San Diego, California, into one of the most exciting places in the United States. Their example could benefit other major cities of the world. From the National Geographic Channel "Smart Cities of the World": San Diego sheds light on their innovative efforts in all aspects of city life, from energy to infrastructure and transportation.

Bureau of digital sabotage

This breath that you feel on the back of your neck, belongs to Big Brother. After the terrible revelations of informant Edward Snowden, it became clear that the era of confidentiality is dead. The Bureau of Digital Sabotage is exploring this new reality and offers comments on how we can restore the sense of empowerment in our modern digital age.

Space Invaders

In the near future, the army of satellites that revolve around the Earth can increase fourfold. Many of these satellites will not come from NASA or other major government structures, but from small specialized technical teams in Silicon Valley. Inspired by the technological ability of your average smartphone, these masters created miniature satellites, known as nanosat, which can cheaply and reliably control the surface of the Earth. Documentary short space invaders welcome the viewer to their world and explore the gigantic consequences of their tiny inventions.

The cost of your personal data

They know who you are, the friends you hold, where you shop, and what you are looking at. They know your unconscious desires. They are corporations that pay a dollar for your data, a treasure trove of personal understanding that they analyze to target and manipulate you. Produced by a documentary series VPRO, "The Value of Your Personal Data" reveals their hidden practices and offers tips on how you can prevail.

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