Gabby the rabbit doesn't like competing

24 Jun 2019 04:22 6
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The friends are out playing basket! Reggy the Dog and Sammy the Horse want to compete, but Gabby the Rabbit doesn't... How can the friends deal with this situation? Let's check out what they do! Can you understand Reggy, Sammy and Gabby's reactions?

If your parents wonder what you're watching, just tell them:
"Peppy Pals is a Swedish brand producing award-winning and research-based games, e-books, movies and activities designed to teach all children 2-8 years old about Social and Emotional Intelligence through storytelling and humor. In the app, Peppy Pals Social Skills, kids ages 2-8 learn to better understand their own and others emotions, work together, manage stress and create healthy relationships. Instead of chasing stars or scores, children get a happy friend and a hug as feedback."

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