Marriage Equality Northern Ireland

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LGBTQ+ Equality is under threat in Northern Ireland. Equal Marriage has been vetoed 5 times by the "Democratic" Unionist Party using equality legislation designed to PROTECT minorities. The parliamentary veto known as a "Petition of Concern" has been deployed at 5 consecutive marriage equality votes at Stormont. Four of these failed to reach a majority but support was clearly growing and even if a majority in favour was reached the veto would come into force. By vote 5, 50.5% of the Northern Ireland Assembly voted in favour of this legislation. At vote 5 the "Petition of Concern" was enacted and democracy was overruled. Parliamentary support is not reflective of the 64-68% in favour within the general population according to numerous surveys (IPSOS Mori & BBC/RTÉ). Support is polling higher than the 62% who voted in favour at the equal marriage referendum in the Republic of Ireland. It's time to #EndTheVeto on love in Northern Ireland. Click the link below to sign the petition. Follow our tweets @thegaysay and join us on facebook/thegaysayni

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