Silverback Gorilla Trying To Keep Calm As He Puts Up With Sons Antics

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A longer video than usual and I'm sure the Silverback Gorilla Oumbi and his son Lope will keep you entertained.
Oumbi is having a rest, well he is trying to, under the pavilion. Making himself comfortable, while Lope is being silly on the other side of the wall. Strutting his stuff, his face covered in wood wool. He does a little twist and beats his chest and then he goes to work on being the most annoying son he can be. :-). He looks around the corner and stares at dad., he's tries hard to ignore him. Lope beats his chest again and bangs on the wall where his dad is leaning against. The second time he does it, Oumbi hits back at the wall as to say keep it down boy. We all know Lope by now, he doesn't give up easily, so he does it again and again. When Lope does his spins and it gone quite Oumbi hits the wall with his fist, like he almost missed Lopes annoying antics. Look at Lope after his spins, he's just resting his head casually on his head lying down. Looking in dads direction and off he goes again. Than he tries a different method coming running from the other site. Oumbi beats his chest. The second time Lope comes round the other site is just so funny, he just pokes his head around the wall slowly and then the rascal throws a stick at dad and beats his chest! I would just love to know what Oumbi is thinking. Looking at his face now, he's starting to get more annoyed and waiting for his sons next move.
More to come!

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