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This quirky comedy concerns Zoe (Robin Tunney "The Craft," "End of Days"), a woman unlucky in love. She is berated at work and always seems to strike out with the opposite sex. After being asked by an attractive co-worker (Golden Globe-nominee Jason Priestley TV's "Beverly Hills, 90210" "Tombstone") to dance at a party, Zoe is kidnapped by a stalker who has fallen in love with her. During a scuffle, they accidentally kill a police officer. The stalker disappears and Zoe is charged with the crime. Soon she is under house arrest. The technician in charge of her ankle bracelet (Tim Blake Nelson "The Incredible Hulk," "Holes") is as socially awkward as she is. Soon they grow close and he gets her a nine-hour window in which the pair tries to find the stalker and clear her name.

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