Neguimbeats - Space Traveller - Sweet Life EP

16 Sep 2013 03:06 16
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Genre : Future-soul, Beats, Funk, Deep Trap

NeguimBeats is the latest contribution to the constant paradigm shifts in the movement of Brazil -- though "Sweet Life" is devoid of the booming favela funk influence, especially pivotal in the current wave of electronic music. In place is a palatial sonic platter of impeccable arrangements. Typical sounds are tastefully woven together, resulting in an incredibly emotive and ambient soundscape. Shaking off expectations of the tropical, South American percussion based samples, he tastefully relives the omnipresent nostalgia of jazz - blithe stabs of keys and notes resonating with earthy, full-bodied snares, as he does in "Smooth Ambient" and "Life in Abundance". Everything falls into its right place as "Jazz" (featuring Kolombiano) hits the cans, with flowing anamorphic sounds and melancholic reverb of piano keys, exuding a keen sense of longing, ending with the illuminating "Space Traveller", capturing the calming, cosmic ambience. Neguim Beats evokes an innate connection with the listener, fast becoming an anomaly in the relationship between artistes and fans -- a vital connection we thrive on at DTW.

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released 30 August 2013
All tracks written and Produced by Neguimbeats
Artwork by the Funk Bast*rd

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