“The Next Class” Ep. 1: Meet the cast (described video)

12 Jul 2018 05:57 0
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In this series premiere, we meet Aisham, Catherine, Elly, Michael, Mira and Ryan. They have a few things in common: they’re graduating from Memorial University this year and they’re not sure what the future holds.

“The Next Class” is a web video series which follows students during their final year of studies at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

The series offers an insider’s view into the opportunities and challenges graduating students face as they prepare for what’s next.

“The Next Class” is produced by Memorial University.

Videography and editing by Rodrigo Iniguez.

Music is “Striking the Colours” by Newspaper Fashion Show.

Find out more at www.mun.ca/nextclass

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