Don't Get Caught - My year as an Exchange Student in Copenhagen

03 Jan 2014 15:32 91
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Woah what a year; causing trouble, travelling the world and enjoying life in the best city in the world; Copenhagen, Denmark.

Its home to nice people, great beer, beautiful girls and a ton of memories, so here is a little glimpse of my year as Rotary exchange student in Copenhagen. Starting on the 16th January 2013 I decided to take 5 seconds of film everyday for a year, I found some days were a lot more interesting than others so here's a little film with just the interesting parts!

Being part of the Rotary Exchange Program has at sometimes been challenging as it is mandatory to abide to the four rules (no drinking, driving, drugs or dating) however through good conscious I haven't broken a single one...

Probably because I decided to add a 5th rule - "Don't get caught"

Thanks to everyone who has made this year unforgettable, I have travelled to so many countries, learnt a lot (apart from how to speak Danish properly haha) met so many cool people, made heaps of awesome friends and have three new families.

Everything shot on my iPhone, GoPro Hero 3 and 550D

Hope you enjoy the film!

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