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Hey guys, welcome back lesson 8 of unit 4! Don’t reinvent the wheel, you might be asking yourself what this lesson is all about and it’s very, very simple. This lesson is dedicated to saving time, saving energy and reusing your own good ideas, good creations and good construct.

Okay, so what do I mean with that? What I mean is, let’s say, I have this track going, okay, base off of those third party VSTs we downloaded, installed and found some good presets for and kind of vibe out on a little bit and got a baseline, a little, a - a little sustain kind of, I don’t even know what you call that Mario sounding sound, and then a nice little kind of eerie pad, so we got a little 2 by loop direction going.

So what we don't wanna do is, we don't wanna have to start from scratch every single time we need a drum rack or every single time we need a side chain compressor, or every single time we need insert your often used device or chain or track here, okay.

So basically what I mean by that is, if I got this going, okay, and I need some drum. Why wouldn't I just reach directly for my already created deep tech minimal kit? Why would I create a kit from scratch when I could just jump into this kit and find some sounds, and I'm actually gonna use this kit instead.

But again, still using the same kit, okay, to low will just loop that out and see what we got here. So it lands some sounds over that now to just find a kick to that, it goes and we’re in business, okay, reusing the same kit that I already built, okay, not building a kit from scratch you can always swap in the sounds, turn that down just a little bit, go back in here and I can just program that in and then once I have that form on the floor going, I can just command u that out and I got a good 2 by loop going shift click the first one, shift click the last one, lower them all down, okay.

So reusing that same drum kit, heck, I might even go down here and pull a track in from a session I've already worked on, why not? Let’s go build me a custom drum kit and let’s see if I can pull in, maybe, a pattern that will be cool over this drag. That track in, love it, see there we go.

This is what is called developing your own signature sound, don’t reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to produce, okay, every time you go to get in the zone to make some good music, get rid of my return tracks here, just hide them out, don’t reinvent the wheel, okay. So I'm already using a, a drum kit I built out, I'm using a new pattern but you got to customize it for the track a little bit right and then I'm just grabbing not only the whole kit but also the pattern form.

This other session, I just grab this track and just dragged it right in so now, I got number 1 here, scene number 1 and when in doubt, I just lower everything down and this applies to literally everything, okay? So I've grabbed a, a drum kit, two different drum kits, okay. One of them is an entire track with a clip from another session, okay.

Now, I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna grab an audio effect, this side chain compression, okay, that I've already saved as an ADV as a preset for my compressor. I'm gonna drop it on my baseline and I'm going to tailor it to 2020ph kick 4, okay, audio input from Jake drum kit and I'm gonna go 2020, where is it all the way at the bottom and I'm gonna go post effects. And now, I can tailor this, already set up pretty much side chain to duck against that kick and I want this sound right here to really be pumping, more as an effect and guess what? I'm gonna go back to my ghost kick, okay, from unit 3 here and I'm gonna grab my ghost kick track and just drag it in, don’t reinvent the wheel, okay.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, now, now I can jump on this track. Go from ghost post effects again, remember post effect, not post mixer and, whoo! Alright and see how quickly, just by building on what I've already done, I've already programed, I've already sound designed, I've already worked my effects in I've already programed this ghost kick in. Don’t reinvent the wheel, don't reinvent the wheel and lets go ahead and just grab a limiter, just to throw on that master but, let’s not clip them out, it’s only over a just few db and by few I mean 1...

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