A Ship Pretended to Be an Island for Enemy Escape

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When you’re surrounded by enemies and everything’s at stake, what would you choose: overwhelming force or a cunning and subtle tactic? Don’t answer too quickly! After this story about a small ship that escaped an entire Japanese fleet by disguising itself as a tropical island, you may change your mind.

Naval combat is a fearsome thing. The only thing a crew can rely on is their ship. Their destinies are intertwined. If a ship is in danger, its crew is in danger too. The Battle of the Java Sea was nothing less than a tragedy for Allied Forces in World War II. After 7 dreadful hours of fighting, the whole Allied fleet was destroyed, with just a few lucky exceptions. One of those exceptions was a small ship...

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The Battle of the Java Sea 0:25
There's no escape 1:42
The visual deception worked! 2:53
What the Ghost Army was 3:49
Dye your skin and stay alive 6:09

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- The Japanese fleet had 4 cruisers and 14 destroyers – one of the most fearsome vessels in World War II. For comparison, the Allied fleet of Dutch, Australian, American and British naval forces had only 9 destroyers and their cruisers had fewer weapons than the Japanese.
- When the outcome of the battle became obvious, the Abraham Crijnssen received its new directive – retreat! But where? Japanese forces were everywhere! Still, against all odds, this vulnerable minesweeper reached Australia in 8 days.
- After dark, the captain ordered for the ship to be secured to the nearest tropical island. Then the crew decorated the top of the ship with tropical tree branches and all sorts of foliage.
- Something like this was implemented during World War II on a really big scale. This was the 23rd Special Troops in action, moving dummy tanks across the disposition of an imaginary army. They were called The Ghost Army and for a good reason.
- Tanks made of rubber, planes from wood and cloth, fake jeeps and artillery – you name it. Their creations were so close to the real thing, they fooled the enemy into thinking that huge Allied forces were gathering in their location.
- Because of their meticulous attention to detail, the Krait’s trip to Singapore was almost completely uneventful. Under night’s cover, 6 Australian and British officers snuck mines onto 7 Japanese ships and sank 6 of them. During all this time no one even noticed the saboteurs.

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