The Riot Club: An Oxford Student's View

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Where Jamie shares 10 facts from the film 'The Riot Club'. The film is very loosely based on life at the University of Oxford and focuses on the lives of some wealthy young men and how their desire for hedonistic pleasures results in some unwanted consequences...

The Riot Club trailer:

The 10 facts about Oxford University:
1. Tutorials, 1:1 sessions with your tutor to talk through your work, are as they are portrayed in the film
2. Most people don't focus on which school you went to
3. Drinking, drugs and debauchery does exist, as it does everywhere
4. Initiation ceremonies are present, you choose if you'd like to participate
5. Libraries do exist and they are beautiful!
6. Fancy clothes are worn from time to time, in the same way one wears fancy dress from time to time
7. Opportunities to earn extra cash do exist, as do large funds to help those from less wealthy backgrounds
8. There are a ton of societies ranging from gliding, to 3D printing to salsa!
9. Muggings can happen – stay aware of your surroundings
10. People you disapprove of will exist everyone

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Created by Jamie Miles

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