20 Hidden TOY STORY SECRETS You Probably Missed

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Toy Story is a saga of animated films that has captivated the hearts of adults and children. Discover these 20 secrets hidden in the entire saga.

-Mickey, the meddler
Mickey loves to sneak into the company's movies and Toy Story 3 was no exception.

-Made in Taiwan
The editor and director of Toy Story, Lee Unkrich, revealed that they had more than 200 alternatives to name this successful saga, what a dilemma!

-The origin of Andy's name
I know that there was a lot of speculation about this, but, according to Ralph Guggenheim, the producer of Toy Story...

-Andy University
Since I'm talking about the smiling Andy, let me tell you, one more secret about the beloved owner of Woody.

-Wink to Jurassic park
In Toy Story 2, while the characters are touring inside the Al´s Toy Barn, into an adorable toy car, driven by the beautiful Barbie Guide, Rex falls...

-Are you Rex?
Can you imagine the adorable Rex with another appearance? Maybe, more aggressive one? ...

-Meeting of toys
When sheriff woody summons the toys to a meeting, there´s something that is hidden behind him.

To discover the following hidden secret, you must have an enviable of falcon and to be extremely attentive! Oh, well, at least the last one. In Toy Story 2, while Mrs. Potato Head...

Bugs and more bugs! In a scene from Toy Story 2 in which Buzz Lightyear is directing an expedition...

-The restorer
The old man who hypnotized us with the great detail, with which he fixed Woody, is the same one who appears as the main character of a Pixar short film called the Geri´s Game...

Despite he goes to college, Andy will always be a laughing boy, and a great proof of this is that ...

-Mysterious carpet
Ok, this secret is a bit terrifying. The carpet in the hall of Sid's house - the mini-doctor Frankenstein – is inspired by the carpet that appears in the movie...

-License plate of compressing garbage truck
Continuing with the nods from the film The Shining, which earned 44 million dollars only in the United States, we can see the numbers 237 on the license plate...

The obsession with bugs did not stop at Toy Story 3. Because, I discovered that some letters; on the wall of this scene, form the word Atta which refers...

When the ruthless Sid keeps Buzz and Woody in captivity, the cowboy's cell is secured with the weight of a toolbox of a very peculiar brand: Binford.

-Buzz´s name
Can you believe that, at the beginning, my beloved space superhero had as possible names Lunar Larry or Tempus from Morph? Iuuuugh! Luckily, it was Buzz Lightyear In the end...

In Toy Story 3, I discovered some curious lizards’ images with the name of Newt? ...

-Back to the future
How many times have you seen Back to the Future? It seems that Rex is really a fan of this film released in 1985.

-Bo Peep
Originally, they meant to use a Barbie doll as the Woddy's naughty girlfriend. But Mattel refused to grant the character's license to Disney.

-Tin Toy´s Toys
In Toy Story 3, you can see some terrified toys trying to hide by the return of the destruction´s machines that are the children, from the nursery, of the Caterpillar Room.

Toy Story 4 will be released very soon and I hope these secrets keep increasing your enthusiasm to see the movie.

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