Going To America

05 Nov 2016 01:30:10 1
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Eddie Griffen (Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, Undercover Brother) stars as Fumnanya; a man claiming to be an African Prince, on a quest in Los Angeles to find his princess. Fumnanya hasn't had the best of luck, so he enlists his trusted sidekick Andy (Josh Meyers - That 70's Show, the Awesomes), to help him on his romantic quest to share a kiss with the woman of his dreams. their unorthodox journeys takes them the most hilarious adventure of their lives, as Fumnanya stops at nothing to find his one true love. Also starring Najarra Townsend (Contracted, The Stylist), Mindy Robinson (V/H/S 2, Range 15), and Penny Marshall (Laverne & Shirley, Big).

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