Intro For Nightfury

28 May 2017 00:08 5
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Sorry about the first and last letters kinda being cut off :(
Time taken: 3 hours
Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Song: Spektrem - Shine [NCS Release] - YouTube
What I got for this: Black long collar
IMPORTANT: Prices for an intro and/or outro range from a bad long-good long or anything worth that amount, please don't fill the form out below if you have a small payment because I will not take it sorry!

Trades-Closed(opening soon)

________COMMISSION FORM FOR INTRO(Copy & Paste)_________

Animal Jam username:
Animal Greenscreen link (Optional):
Any extras words:
Specific overlays?:
Color scheme:
Flashy/bright?: Yes/No
Simple? Complicated? Trippy? Rainbow? etc:
Any other Details?:

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