3-Year-Old ‘Rescues’ Grandma

25 Aug 2019 04:51 828
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Grandma’s personal mobility scooter has run out of battery and she’s stuck at a coffee shop 1km away. 3-year-old Laylana is tasked to go to grandma’s flat to pick up the charger, buy 2 donuts from the neighbourhood bakery, and bring all this to grandma. Is she independent and confident enough?

To single mum Lisa, Laylana’s completion of the task provides validation. “Usually I feel like I’m not doing a good job as a mum. To see that she can do this tells me I’m doing something right with my kids.”

On The Red Dot’s series “Old Enough!” is adapted from the popular series from Japan’s Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) and showcases determined preschoolers overcoming their fears and running errands on their own for the first time in Singapore. Watch the full episode: https://cna.asia/2ziBAdd

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