Easy And Simple Rangoli Design / chukki rangoli with 9 dots

26 Apr 2017 02:23 27
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Rangoli is traditional Indian art form. Rangoli is originated from two words Rang which means colors and Holi which means celebration..Everybody wants to draw a rangoli every day in front of main door ,in front of house, and in the puja room. In a day to day busy life no one has time for creativity. They miss their simple traditional rangoli. To avoid complexity , 365 Days Rangoli brings you very easy , simple and traditional rangoli art for beginners, busy people and rangoli lovers. You can watch and just copy the rangoli art. It takes only few minutes to draw a beautiful rangoli. For festivals, 365 Days Rangoli brings a special simple color rangoli. Keep watching this channel and tell your friends about 365 Days Rangoli . Please leave your comments and do not forget to subscribe !

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