Lion Fight | The End of Mapogo (Mlowathi) male Lion Mr. T *16 March 2012*

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🦁 Mapogo male lion Mr. T (Oct 2001- 16.. March 2012)
Location: Sabi Sands Game Reserve
Country: South Africa
Continent: Africa
History´s most brutal Lion
Tribute to Mr T Mapogo (RIP 16th March,2012)
"He is the youngest amongst the mighty Mapogos.He had to excel to rise in the hierarchy.He was a lion with many traits but most popular known for his aggressiveness and brutality.

Mr T ensure his presence is felt and left with a bang that breaks the hearts of those who knew him......there will never be another lion who walk in Sabi Sands like Mr T does.He is a Legend and his stories will be told generations to come.

Rest now with your brothers,you have lived well as a wild male lion.We cherish the times you shall remained in our hearts."
written by Mrs Atie Majid
video made by Mr Prem Wilson
artwork by Mr Steven Loup

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