Tractor Tom - 37 Puppy Problems (full episode - English)

12 Aug 2016 10:44 79
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Fi and Tom are having a spring clean. Unfortunately for Fi, Matt has an affinity for the junk on Springhill Farm is having trouble letting some of it go.

It was spring on the farm and all of the animals were having babies; including Riff who had 6 new puppies. Fi decides to do some Spring-cleaning, but Matt isn’t much help and he wants to hold onto old junk. Tom watches the new puppies while Riff goes off to round up the sheep. This is tougher than Tom thinks and the pups are soon causing all sorts of problems by hiding all over the yard. Tom has to find them all before Fi and Riff comeback. This is indeed a challenge because one of them has managed to get into the hayloft! Luckily, all it takes is a call from Riff to get her puppies out of their hiding places.

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Tractor Tom lives on Springhill Farm with Farmer Fi, Farmhand Matt and lots of friends.

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