Jill & Wesker - Blood On My Hands

06 Sep 2010 02:39 12
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Tribute to the pairing JillxWesker from Resident Evil! I think this song suits them very well, especially from Wesker's point of view :) I think this is my best video yet, due to the effects, clips and timing.

As for the video's story...there isn't really one. XD It's mostly just talking about the dangerous romance forming between Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. I adore the pairing (even if it is complete crack) so just listen to the lyrics and you'll know basically what's going on. :D

This video took me weeks to make. WMM was screwing up, as usual, especially (for some reason) with this video. It kept freezing and stalling and...yeah, it was a pain to use. So, hopefully, this video becomes worth the work!

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