See If You Can Pass the FBI Special Agent Test (Part 2)

31 May 2018 08:21 1,343
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You have to have outstanding skills to be considered for the role of FBI special agent. The candidates have to pass many tests and answer a number of questions that can show if they have potential. Our mind-bending super hard riddles will help you boost your brain and logic. Have you nailed Part 1 of our special FBI test? Here’s another set.


1. A serial killer 0:46
2. A chemical mystery 1:47
3. Murder at home 3:18
4. Stolen money 4:48
5. Frost on windows 6:37

-Figure out how it’s possible that both people had the same apple, but one of them died and another survived?
-Try to guess who the murderers were and how did the police know?
-Name the murderer and try to explain how the police managed to find them.
-Guess who the thief was.
-How did the detective know that John was lying?

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