The Clarks - In Blood [Live 360 Video]

24 May 2018 04:12 6
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"In Blood" appears on the album "Madly In Love At The End Of The World" available everywhere here: To FULLY experience the 360 element, open this video up in the YouTube app on your phone!

Directed by Andrew Halasz & Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

"This song was inspired by the tragic deaths of 3 young women in a car crash last year near where I live. They had been out all evening drinking and decided to get behind the wheel to continue the party somewhere else. They never made it." - Scott Blasey

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Something black out of the blue
Took their lives in front of you
Left went right it all went wrong
Faded out just like a song

Fallen angels fallen stars
Broken lives and broken cars
Through the tears after the fall
I guess the writing’s on the wall

In blood In blood

Nothing good will come of this
No one’s touch and no one’s kiss
Will bring them back will bring them home
Left in pieces like a phone

Fallen angels tell the truth
Broken bottles corner booth
Behind the wheel you made it fly
Can you look them in the eye

In blood In blood

No pain no spirits in the sky
Just love eternal in your eyes

Everything is shattered now
We look for clues to why and how
Thoughts and prayers won’t pay the bill
No one acts and no one will

Where will we be in twenty years
Our children’s lives their hopes their fears
Stolen dreams and stolen plans
It’s in your clothes it’s on your hands

In blood In blood

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