Karuvadu Kulambu | Traditional Karuvattu Kulambu | DRY FISH GRAVY | ARUSUVAI | Kattiyakkaran

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In this video we will how to make karuvadu kulambu in Tamil. Karuvadu / Dry fish is one of the popular seafood recipes which is not often in many fancy restaurants because of its strong aroma. But those who have enjoyed this krauvadu kulambu know that the taste is quite extraordinary. The limited availability of good quality karuvadu and the much lower appearance on restaurant menus have rendered it an exotic delicacy.
Salt is usually added to the fish while drying so when making this gravy we have to take into account the salt content in the fish. It is always better to add little to no salt at the beginning and when the kulambu is almost ready then check the salt content and add accordingly. If there is too much salt then we fix the problem by adding some large chunks of potatoes which can absorb the salt.

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DRY FISH GRAVY | Karuvadu Kulambu | Traditional Karuvattu Kulambu | ARUSUVAI | Kattiyakkaran

Title : Karuvattu Kulambu
playlist : ARUSUVAI
Camera : Chandhru
Editing : Arvind Sekar
Voice : Anbaana Arun
Production exe : Gopalakrishnan

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