Happy Thanksgiving - My Black Friday Gift to You (Up To 88% OFF On Supplements & Programs)

24 Nov 2016 03:31 32
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Black Friday Starts Now...Use code "SAVEBIG" for up to 88% savings: http://go2.sixpackshop.com/SH2Xj

Hey guys, it's Mark here and I just finished my workout and was about to head out, but before I hit the road, I have to let you know about a really exciting Black Friday deal that we have going on this week.

You can get any of our products - supplements or fitness programs - for 30% off ....on top of all of our other discounts too! That means you can get up to 88% off some of the products!

Last year we sold out before the sale was even over and didn't have time to reorder more. We've stocked up pretty heavy this year, but you're going to want to get it before it's gone.

Don't be the person who isn't ready to tackle their holidays and New Year without all the materials you need.

Make sure you head over to http://go2.sixpackshop.com/SH2Xj to get started early this year.

Need a gift for a fitness-loving friend? We've got all the supplements you need to help them in their fitness journey. Don't forget to use the code "SAVEBIG" to add that extra 30% off for ANYTHING on top of our current discounts.

Click here now to save: http://go2.sixpackshop.com/SH2Xj

Have a great holiday, enjoy yourselves, and be safe!


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