VIP - Minnal Oru Kodi song

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V.I.P. (VIP) Tamil Movie
Starring Prabhu Deva, Abbas, Ramba, Simran, Manivannan
Directed by D. Sabhapathi
Music by Ranjit Barot

Prabhu Deva is an unemployed youth who tries hard for a job. Ramba is a petty thief who works for Manivannan. Depressed Prabhu Deva joins Ramba and steals Santhana Bharathi's car. They get scared of Santhana Bharathi's threat. To escape from Santhana Bharathi's men Ramba and Prabhu Deva enter the airport. Meanwhile, Abbas comes from abroad. In a confusion, Abbas joins Ramba and Abbas's reception party picks up Prabhu Deva in Abbas's place. Abbas roams around with Ramba and Prabhu Deva fulfills Abbas's purpose of visit. Situation worsens when Simran (Abbas's fiancee) trails Prabhu Deva. How this confusion is resolved is the rest of the story.

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