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Get ready for some good ol’ fashioned CHOCOBO RACING! Or, as close as I can get, when I traveled to the Arizona ostrich festival to hop on REAL racing ostriches. And these aren’t cute little chicks we’re talking about—these are gigantic, eight-foot, 40-miles-per-hour racing monsters! I got pecked, stepped-on, and bucked off for an entire day learning how to actually race these birds, then I took on some serious competition in an all out tournament. Learn what it means to “ride an ostrich like a football” and what happens when your bird decides they just don’t feel like finishing the race! Then, check everything out in 360 with a ride-along behind the scenes tour of the episode! ►http://bit.ly/29gB2K8

A HUGE thanks to Kellie from the National Dex, Sohinki from Smosh Games, and the Theorists’ very own Stephanie Patrick for ridin’ tough on this episode! Watch out for Kellie and her killer bird!

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