Things I CAN'T get used to in Bulgaria...

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Какво става?
Whats Up Guys?

весела нова година
Happy New Year! :D

First Video of the Year. 2018 Here we come.
Currently in Manchester so as usual I'm running low on motivation to upload....., but but but, I will try my best to keep up, and I have really great ideas and collaborations coming up this year ;)

Thank you all for your support throughout the previous year, its been so much fun doing this, and I look forward to what the following years shall bring!
General Questions I always get asked.

How much is tuition in my uni?- 8000 euros

Are Student loans available to Uk students?- No Bulgaria doesn't offer student loans as far as I'm aware.

Can you apply without an agency?- Yes but contact the university directly and follow their lead.

How much are apartments in Bulgaria?- Generally around 200-300 euros for a 1 bedroom apartment

Until the next video

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