Palimpsest: India and Europe

13 Mar 2012 05:52 22
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Since the last few years, the influence of India is visible everywhere in Europe. Its culture and way of life is increasingly leaving its impression on the daily lives of the people. In Rome, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and Madrid and many other European cities, it is possible to see India expressing itself through its Bollywood, cuisine, spirituality, yoga, ayurveda, classical dance and music and its frenetic colours. Books by Indian writers occupy prime positions in book shops and libraries in these countries. In fact this "Indian influence", despite the negligible presence of an Indian diaspora, has helped in shaping the kaleidoscopic culture that Europe is famous for.

This film tries to explore how India's diverse and colourful culture is gently and quietly getting visible in countries that are not bound by common language, old historical or colonial ties, trying to find an answer to this question: Why is Indian culture becoming popular in Europe?

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