Did surfing win the round?

21 Dec 2015 01:43 3,259
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In a match between Luminosity VS CLG, Fer performed a last-second bomb plant and won the game because of it. But would it have been possible had he not surfed across the level?

Not the sort of video I'd normally do, but I thought it would make a change from all those heavy tutorials that I normally do :)

0:00 - Intro
0:22 - How much time did he have left?
0:33 - Did switching to the bomb lose him time?
0:40 - What if he hadn't surfed?
0:56 - Could other things have made more of a difference?
1:22 - Conclusion

Kazrael's original Reddit post:
Thanks to Phinx CSGO for first posting a POV clip: https://youtu.be/ggiE9SDCzi0
And for providing the demos:
Which probably originally came from here (Alexander Nehr) but I wouldn't have found them were it not for ISoaw ;)

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