Wet animals shake in slow motion | Slo Mo #6 | Earth Unplugged

21 Mar 2013 06:50 749
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Why do wet furry mammals shake? Si and Sam give some of their favourite animals a shower to uncover the science behind the 'wet dog shake'. Sam caught up with Andrew Dickerson from Georgia Institute of Technology to find out more about the science... we'll have the full interview for you soon.

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Original and stunning high definition slow motion footage of animals and their actions. Brought to you by our very own team members; animal nerd Sam, and camera geek Simon.

Check out the full slow mo playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtra-MWzIvZG_TnFr7Ea05qDP0Vt5siKb

And here's a link to the original research: http://dickerson.gatech.edu/file/Wet-Dog_Shake.html

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