The Lost World - Caracas

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Caracas is a city with a population over three million, crammed into a valley in northern Venezuela. Over 2000-2010, Venezuela's oil revenues did not compensate for mismanagement of the city. The city's infrastructure deteriorated and Caracas residents are increasingly entrenched in slum areas. As of 2011, there was still no clear plan regarding how crime, poverty and severe traffic problems could be eradicated from the city.

The city of Caracas receives preferential treatment in Venezuela's economy, as Venezuela's oil-generated revenues are used to subsidise the city's development. Caracas' population growth is driven entirely by natural increase, as the city is too packed to accommodate further immigration. Housing in Caracas accounts for a relatively small share of the household budget but for damaging reasons. The majority of dwellings in the city are located in the slum areas, which are cheap.

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The video highlights some of the popular landmark attractions. The trip took place in November 2013, before the early 2014 riots, protests, deaths that is currently happening not just in Caracas, but in multiple cities in Venezuela. Places that I've visited in the city, will never look the same.

Photography and Filming Equipment:
5D mark II,
16-35mm 2.8L lens
24-70mm 2.8L lens
4 batteries
3 32 gig, and 1 16 gig memory card
200 gig external harddrive
Gorillapod SLR-zoom
card reader

Edited with Final Cut Pro X
Tour with G Adventures
Music by Chris Zabriskie -

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