Webinar | Promoting your U-Multirank results

04 Jun 2018 23:37 0
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Understanding your university results, and how to maximize on its impact can be difficult, so U-Multirank wants to help. This webinar will focus on helping you make the most out of your university’s U-Multirank results.

U-Multirank provides universities with the tools needed to produce and share messages for all audience types – whether that be to:
1. promote your university or programmes to target audiences, such as prospective students, their parents and recruiters
2. increase media exposure
3. benchmark your university against other similar institutions
4. measure and evaluate your university’s performance for internal purposes
During this webinar we will give a short overview on what your university package looks like – what it entails and how you can use it for promotional purposes. We will also provide some tips on constructing messages, and identifying which contact people in your university would be helpful in promoting your results and increasing your target audience impact.
The webinar ends with time for questions and answers, or an opportunity for participants to share any tips they have found most helpful in past years.

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