Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum

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Alibaba and Abdullah are brothers. Abdullah deceives Alibaba and takes away all his property, as a result of which Alibaba is forced to live with his sister in a hut. One day, he accidently comes across a cave where a gang of thieves hide their loot. He also overhears their password to open the entrance of the cave. In the cave, he finds the treasures hidden by the robbers. Alibaba picks up a few of the precious things which he sells off in order to live comfortably. One day, Abdullah invites Alibaba for lunch and, through a clever ruse, learns how Alibaba found his wealth. A greedy Abdullah then goes to the cave and enters it. However, he forgets the password and cannot leave. Meanwhile, the gang of thieves returns and finds him there. Their chief Abu Hussein kills him. Marjina is a dancer who is saved by Alibaba from the clutches of Abdullah. Abu Hussein has slain her parents. How Marjina and Alibaba join hands and bring the robbers to book forms the rest of the story.

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