"I'm Getting Stronger But Not Bigger!" (Strength Gains Without Mass)

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"I'm Getting Stronger But Not Bigger!" (Strength Gains Without Mass)

"Sean, I'm building strength but no size! What do I do?" This is a very common question I receive, and if this describes your situation, you're not alone. There's nothing more frustrating than putting your time in at the gym, training hard, and seeing strength gains but no mass.

But what is causing this? After all, if progressive overload is the underlying basis for achieving continued muscle growth, how is it possible to add a decent amount of weight to all of your exercises but not build a reasonable amount of muscle as a result?

Well, what most people don't know is that strength is gained both through an increase in actual lean tissue AND through improved neural efficiency as well. If you seem to be building strength but not muscle, it means that your body is simply becoming more efficient at using the existing muscle that it already has.

What causes this?

While it's possible that it could due to training in an excessively low rep range (1-4 reps per set) or insufficient total training volume, the much more likely reason is that your diet is not properly structured. In order to gain new muscle tissue, you must consume a surplus of calories each day. This provides your body with the additional energy that is needed to synthesize new muscle tissue. Without a calorie surplus, it will be physically impossible for you to gain any new muscle whatsoever.

So, if you're gaining strength but not weight or mass, take a closer look at your diet and ensure that you're consuming a calorie surplus each day around 15-20% above your calorie maintenance level, and that you're obtaining those calories from a well balanced mix of high quality protein, carbohydrates and fats. Check out my free macronutrient calculator below which will automate the process for you.

In almost all cases, fixing your diet will immediately allow you to begin gaining both strength and size.

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