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There is one credible account by an Arab writer from the 13th century that often gets overlooked, but it was used by eminent 19th century explorers Henry Salt, Giovanni Caviglia and Howard Vyse in their missions into the Great Pyramid.

The account of Al-Idrisi is not fanciful but descriptive and everything he said back in the 13th century stacks up with what we see today, all except two very curious observations in the Queen's Chamber.

Al-Idrisi was an chronicler that went into the pyramid himself and wrote about what he saw with his own eyes, it wasn't an unsubstantiated second-hand report like much of the early writing seems to be.

He claims that on his visit to the Queen's Chamber, there was an empty vessel inside. Furthermore he goes on to say that on the roof of this room, there were writings which are, and I quote: “in the most ancient characters of the heathen priests.

Did the Great Pyramid of Egypt once house two sarcophagi? Was the roof decorated with ancient hieroglyphs? What happened to them? Watch now and find out!

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