Howling for Hope: The Importance of Catharsis | Sally Grayson | TEDxStuttgart

15 Nov 2016 18:01 8
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Sally Grayson finds catharsis in her art and her music. Howl along and experience it, too.

American indie blues rocker, artist and wanna be social activist, Sally Grayson, has been fascinated her whole life with the question of suffering. This journey has taken her around the world in search of those answers as she continues to wrestle honestly and authentically with these questions. Her medium is through the post-punkified Americana'n' roll band "Black Swift," as well as visually through collage, paint and found objects.

In 2014 Black Swift released "The World Howls" which ranges in style from Tarantino road trip rock to Morricone, to Fugazi to Tom Waits. The album was released along with an art booklet with an artwork for each song. Black Swift is currently working on their next full length album to be released in 2017.

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