Raiders Beat Panthers, NFL Storylines and Kings Road Trip

29 Nov 2016 59:30 2
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Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the Raiders thrilling win over the Panthers (1:20), Carr playing through the injury (2:20), Morgan gets annoyed by Deuce's Carr-related jokes (8:27), if we should be concerned about the finger injury (10:40), Mack's incredible game (11:48), they strange finish in the Chiefs-Broncos game and if Kubiak made a mistake (14:00), Deuce gives some love to Kap and wonders if he's figuring things out (20:40), the Seahawks letdown game against the Bucs (28:42), why Jerry Jones deserves more credit (30:30), they discuss if we're sleeping on the Falcons (35:42). They turned their focus to the Kings road trip and if they're starting to make progress (40:25) and they finish the show with highs and lows of the sports weekend (50:20).

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