Balancing Love & Desire | Esther Perel

02 Oct 2017 40:51 894
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The number one question married couples ask Esther Perel is, “How do we keep the spark alive?

In this inspiring Mindvalley A-Fest presentation, Esther Perel, bestselling author and relationship expert informs us that couples who keep romanticism alive, keeps the desire burning in the bedroom in your relationship or marriage.

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In this video, "Balancing Love & Desire" Ted Talk speaker, Esther Perel, walks us through the powerful emotions we feel in relationships and explains how to achieve relationship satisfaction.

04:13 Fundamental human needs
07:13 Where we come from
13:46 Why is it difficult to sustain desire in the place of love
19:42 When human radiates - Confidence
24:07 How do we cultivate our interest and desires
27:30 Today’s notion of freedom - Global Village
34:46 How our parents/adults influence the child’s world

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Not only is Esther Perel a relationship expert, but she is also a psychotherapist who has worked with countless patients who experience loneliness within their relationships.

Her theory that the tension between the need to belong to society and the need for freedom in human relationships is to find a balance between the two. She informs us that finding this balance is how to deal with loneliness in relationships.

By combining intimacy and sexuality in marriage and long term relationships, Esther Perel believes this is a practical way to achieve happiness and contentment in life.

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