What Level Is Your Art? [Scribble Kibble #39]

10 Sep 2016 16:26 8,970
62,788 4,214

If you comments on your art, come to one of my monthly livestreams.
Uncover your art skill, train to level up, or enjoy the art show!
►►► CREDITS: goo.gl/4GwdlC ◄◄◄

The credits are alphabetical if you want to look someone up. It may be best to random-roulette scroll the document to pick the art to visit and leave a comment on.

In case you read below the break, I couldn't survive editing another one of these - but an even better way to comment on your art would be via a livestream. If you're in, vote yes in the poll around the 15:00 mark.

Scribble Kibble is a show about animation. Find more episodes here: http://www.scribblekibble.com/episodes/all/

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