Crested Gecko Living Vivarium Build

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This is a video of a Crested Gecko Living Vivarium being built in an Exo-Terra 18x18x24 terrarium. I did not want to jam pack the description box with information so if you have any questions or comments please comment below! Please Subscribe!

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The amazing people at Josh's Frogs provided me with very helpful DIY articles and products and the geckos were purchased from The Adventure Gecko. Check them both out!

Josh's Frogs:

The Adventure Gecko:

These are the different products that are featured in my video.


Exo Terra 18x18x24 :


White Eggcrate T12 Troffer Replacement Diffuser:

Everbilt rope:
(I got 6 ft at Home Depot, this was used for the “vines”)

Great Stuff:

GE Silicon 1 (would never use again, use aquarium safe black silicon):

Plantation Soil:
The little rock ledges were make with this DIY from Josh’s Frogs:

Substrate Layers-

Drainage Layer/False Bottom:

Screen Mesh:


Cork Barks can be found anywhere but I bought mine from Josh’s
Frogs and Pangaea at the NARBC.

PVC- Any hardware store

Other Stuff-


there is a whole video dedicated to them...

NARBC Breeder_ The Adventure Gecko

I DO NOT own the right to the audio, the fantastic artists are listed below...
Audio featured:

Title: Tobu - Candyland [NCS Release]
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