Cracroft Point Orca Lookout Cam 06-07-2018 06:26:38 - 07:26:39

23 Jul 2018 01:02 0
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From OrcaLab HQ, this cam brings wide views of Blackney Pass, one of the main travel routes for Northern Resident orca families during the summer and fall. It also monitors humpback whales and steller sea lions. Catch spectacular sunrises all year round from beyond the mountains of Vancouver Island.

OrcaLab’s whale research station is located on Hanson Island in British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait at Blackfish Sound. These waters are the summer home to over 150 orca whales, and an ideal place to study the whales in their natural habitat. To that end, OrcaLab set up a network of remote hydrophones covering 50 sq. km of the surrounding core habitat for Northern Resident orcas. The lab has long shared its library of orca songs with a worldwide audience. It now adds a visual dimension, streaming a series of live cameras in partnership with

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