CGI 3D/VFX Making Of: "OVO Casino: Behind The Scenes" - by Blaze Animation Studio

28 Nov 2016 04:20 18
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Check out this insightful behind the scenes look at the making of for the hyperrealistic spot "Ovo Casino" created by the talented folks over at Blaze Animation Studios! For more information, please see the details and links below:

“Welcome to the 60s. Welcome to OVO Casino. Relive the excitement through a hyperrealistic finish and explore the world where virtual meets real.”

— Credits —
Director: Chris Pace
Ivan Saliba: Lead Artist
Daniel Spagnol: Animation & VFX
Sirach Borg: Modeling, Texturing & Lighting.
Music: “Put Your Money On Me” from Audio Network Limited
Website :
Twitter: @BlazeMalta

— About Blaze Animation Studio —
Blaze Animation is a small Animation and VFX Company based on the island of Malta. Blaze Animation core is made of four creative people. We have been one of the leading animation and VFX studio in Malta for over 20 years; renowned for delivering visual experiences and creative thinking within the Gaming industry, advertising and film.


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