Every Photo of Charles and Diana Told the Same Big Lie

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We all remember Lady D as a great person. But you will be surprised with a strange fact about photos of Charles and Diana! They all hide one big lie.

Of course, such a great historical figure as Diana couldn’t avoid being discussed and analyzed all the time. The alliance of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is still one of the most discussed throughout the world. It seems that we know all about them because their lives were highlighted by the mass media in every detail. But most of us didn’t notice the most obvious thing.

What all photos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles hide? 0:57
This was done to point out Charles’s status 1:15
“Cinderella” type of story 2:04
Skeletons in the closet 2:37
“The people's princess" 3:49
The Diana's wedding dress 4:49
The secret child of Princess Diana 5:45

We know that Diana’s life now doesn’t look like a magic fairy tale, and her tragic death will always be painful for all her admirers. This is almost the whole world. People loved and praised her kindness and thoughtfulness. That is why she will always be in their hearts. Anyway, we hope it was interesting for you to read some small facts about such a famous and controversial historical figure.
Of course, Diana was not like the fairy-tale Cinderella. No stories about a poor child from a low-income family. She was the third daughter in a Duke’s family, but everybody called her “gentle D.” Before the Royal family decided her being a great party for Prince Charles, she dedicated her life to children with no intentions for glory and fame. We guess that is why people loved her so much!

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