♪ I think I've stopped living.. ♪

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I been losing touch to reality..
I dunno who I'm supposed to be..
I'm far away from ordinary.
A mind like mine is so scary..

You won't last a minute..
Begging for an end..

Why, why, why,
Did you go and choose me?
I can't see,
Why it had to be me?

Stress driving me wild
I think I've stopped living..
Crazy ****ing thoughts..
I think I may give in..
I'm so lost in my mind.. it's a prison..
Life sentence for things I never committed..

Oh, Why would she be mine?
And slow down time, time, time...
To a place where I'd be safe from drowning.
To a place where you feel safe around me...

Do you feel safe around me?
How can I save you when I'm drowning?..

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