Best Cameras For Youtube - 9 Reasons I Recommend Panasonic 4K Cameras

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What is the best camera for Youtube videos? I get this question a lot and in this video I'll break down why I think Panasonic mirrorless cameras are the best choice for Youtubers. Check the links below for recommendations.

Panasonic G7
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Panasonic G85
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Panasonic GH5:
My Review:

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Here are the reasons I believe Panasonic makes the best camera for youtube content creation:

1. The Panasonic Image App
With this phone/tablet app, you can monitor and completely control your camera from a distance. This allows you to move the camera further away and still change and check focus, make changes to your camera settings and check exposure.

2. 4K Resolution
4K is here to stay and using 4K gives you several great options in post production including creating multiple angles and much more.

3. Stabilization
Panasonic currently has some of the best stabilization tech in their cameras. The G85, GX85 and GH5 all have in body stabilization meaning you can use any lens and get killer stabilization.

4. Audio
Compared to Canon, Panasonic has massively better audio preamps in their cameras. You can connect affordable microphones and get MUCH better audio quality.

5. Flip Out Screen Quality
Unlike many Sony cameras, these Panasonic models have great flip out screens which is obviously important if you're a one man band!

6. Battery Life
Compared to Canon and Especially Sony, Panasonic cameras have awesome batteries and battery life!

7. Image Quality and Color Grading
Grading 4K Panasonic camera footage is so so nice compared to the mush you get out of Canon cameras.

8. Lens Options
Since these cameras have a Micro Four Thirds sensor, lens options are amazing. You can use any of the following mounts with adapters: MFT lenses, EF, Nikon F, Olympus OM, M42, FD Lenses, L39, C-mount, MD, EF-S, PL, PK and many many more!

9. Affordable Cameras
Starting at $500-600 you can pickup a Panasonic 4K camera and lens. You won't find many other budget 4K cameras from other brands.

Do you have any reasons you like or don't like to use Panasonic cameras? Hit me up!

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